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How and why our Journey began 
For the love of the Kakarikie 

 It was a cool day on the 8th September 2015, when I decided to take my car to a local garage to get my tires checked. I parked up inside the garage and proceeded to get out of my car.  I looked to the right and saw placed under the office door two small bird cages stacked on top of each other, I looked in the top cage and saw the most beautiful bird I had ever seen, just sat on the perch with its head down and its wings in a kind of shrugged position, looking very sick and unhappy, no surprise really because the garage was dark dirty and cold, the bottom cage had five pretty budgies in it, 
I knocked on the office door and the owner of the garage came out, I said to him, excuse me sir but your bird looks lonely sick and very very sad, he needs a friend a bigger space to live and some much needed TLC. The owner of the garage said, in that case you can be his friend and picked up the cage quickly handing it to me, I was actually dumb founded at the time because I'd said to my friends and family I would never have a bird of any sort because It hurts my soul to see them stuck in a cage, it must feel like a prison to them. However, this was different I felt I had to rescue him so I asked my son who was with me to help me put his cage in the car and I then rushed home with him. {I did go back and rescue the budgies}
I asked my friend to lend me the spare cage she had and then went on the internet to find out what kind of bird he was and thats when I found out he was a Kakariki. The garage owner said he was male, but didn't know what kind of bird he was. Anyway I learnt what food he needed and that birds should not live on their own no matter what species they are, so I rushed out and got him plenty of food and toys and made him comfy, I also allowed him out to fly but he was very clumsy at first because he probably grew up in that horrid cage. I also found out that he had a vitamin deficiency and mites, bless him he looked like a rescued battery chicken with hardly any feathers especially around his head.
I knew I had to find him a friend, but wanted another rescue bird and was sure there would be one that needed a good home, so I went on line and found another rescue, I contacted them and to cut a long story short, they came the following Tuesday (15th September) with his new and forever friend Angel, oh my you should have seen him when he saw her, it was love at first sight, it was definitely a tear breaker to see him so excited and they have lived in peace ever since. 
All my rescued Kakarikies are now residing in a very large enclosure surrounded by lush grass forest and trees, on a farm in the middle of a welsh valley.
I have learnt so much in such a short time about these and many other species of birds, and have also found out that there are so many birds that through no fault of their own have ended up in abusive situations or unwanted pets for various reasons. Please go to the information page and read up on these beautiful birds. Unfortunately, they are now another endangered species that we cannot allow to become extinct, that would be a devastation to this planet because birds like many other Animals are a very important part of our Eco systems, they replant the trees and plant life on the forest floor, by passing out the seeds of the foods they eat and thus is how the cycle of the great rainforest continues.  



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