Rainbowbird  &  animal    re scue    a    ancuary    f  or    exotic    birds

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                                              WELCOME TO RAINBOW BIRD & ANIMAL RESCUE. 


                                                             Charity registration number 1165772

We have been running our not for profit exotic bird rescue since 2015 and in that time we have rescued and housed over 1000 birds, providing all our rescues with loving forever homes. 

Please contact us for general advice including, how you go about surrendering your bird to us and our adoption policies. If you have lost or spotted an escaped bird we may be able to help...   

Please note: we do not have the facilities to house wild birds. We only specialise in exotics... please contact everybirdfeather Steph, on 07899031447 ... Lower moss wood wildlife rescue on 01565755082 ...Meltham wildlife rescue at 07846344984... Nigel fowler... www.threeowls.co.uk... Pigeon string foot on Facebook...  

Thank you for your donation