Rainbowbirdrescue a sancuary for exotic birds
CHARITY    REGISTRATION     NUMBER....... 1165772                                                                                                                      charity  rigistered   name: .....rainbowbird&animalrescue       

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Welcome to our website, we are a well established reputable rescue and Sanctuary for exotic birds, accommodating any bird no matter what their needs background or condition. We feel blessed to work along side other genuine rescues and Sanctuaryies, {one being the largest in europe named Lincolshire wildlife park} boasting a site vet, safe reabilitation centre, amazing Aviary's, with large flights and heated houses for the winter months. Once occomodated our rescue birds belong to our charity name therefore they will remain in our care for the rest of their days, Lets call it a forever retirement home. Hopefully this information will ease the mind of many bird owners who for what ever reason need to move their beloved pets on to another home, assured their pets will be catered for with ever need met at all times. You will be content in the knowing you have moved them on to a place no better than birdie heavon. If you surrender a parrot to us we promise to keep you updated on the progress of your parrots. We do not ask for a subscription fee as the wellbeing of our birds are the most important thing to us. However, we do ask that you make a donation to our charity so we can continue to give our birds the best of everything. Please visit our Journey page...thank you  

Please note......None of our rescues are kept in the Aviary shown below, this was the very first Aviary I built before the rescue was blessed with our wales site, all rescues that have remained with us now reside their, except a few cockateils that have remained with me, however birds are never left out alone and are safely secured at night. We have large guard dogs night lights, CCTV and volunteers that are with our rescues 24/7 Thank you.



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